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How to build a duck feed production line

Duck feed production line is engineered for automated, efficient feed production, ensuring duck health and farming efficiency. They follow principles of customized output, nutritional balance, and quality management, with key equipment like hammer mills, mixers, and pellet mills for optimal feed quality. For feed production solutions, contact Coban.

The construction of a duck feed production line is crucial for enhancing duck farming efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring duck health. This article will detail how to build an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly duck feed production lines.

What is a Duck Feed Production Line

Duck feed production lines refers to a series of mechanical equipment and processes designed to produce feed suitable for ducks. It achieves continuous feed production through automated control, including stages such as raw material reception, storage, crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, sieving, and packaging. It is significant for improving duck farming efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring healthy duck rearing.

Design Principles of Duck Feed Production Line

When designing a duck feed production line, the following principles should be followed

Customized Output

The design first considers output requirements, accurately calculating the feed amount needed based on the scale of duck farming to construct suitable equipment and avoid resource waste.

Precise Control of Balanced Nutrition

The line ensures the feed formula meets the nutritional needs of ducks at different growth stages, achieving comprehensive and balanced nutrition through scientific formula design.

duck feed production line                                          duck feed production line

Maximizing Production Efficiency

With automated equipment, the line improves production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and ensures the continuity and stability of production.

Strict Quality Management System

A strict quality management system ensures the stable quality of each batch of feed products, meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Key Equipment Selection for Duck Feed Production Line

Choosing the right equipment is key to the success of a duck feed production line. Here are some considerations for key equipment:

Hammer Mill

The hammer mill used in the line should be efficient and energy-saving, ensuring the raw material is crushed to a suitable particle size for duck digestion while reducing production costs and improving efficiency.


The mixer is crucial in the feed production process. It actively mixes various raw materials uniformly. This ensures a balanced nutritional content in the feed. The feed meets the nutritional needs of ducks at different growth stages.

Pellet Mill

The pellet mill should produce pellets of appropriate size and regular shape to suit duck feeding habits, enhancing feed digestibility and nutritional value.

duck feed production line                                               duck feed production line

Cooling System

The cooling system’s role is to reduce the temperature of the pellets after pelletizing, preventing nutrient loss due to high temperatures and ensuring feed quality and duck health.

Vibrating Screen

As the sieving system, it should accurately screen out unqualified pellets, ensuring the quality of the finished feed and enhancing the product’s market competitiveness.

Packing Machine

The packing machine should quickly and accurately complete the packing of feed, reducing manual operation and improving packing efficiency, ensuring the stability of feed during storage and transportation.

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