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Pig food processing machinery


“Pig food processing machinery” refers to equipment and machinery specifically designed for producing pig feed. These machines typically

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Pig food processing machinery Introduction

“Pig food processing machinery” refers to equipment and machinery specifically designed for producing pig feed. These machines typically include jaw crushers, grinders, mixers, pelletizers, pellet presses, dryers, coolers, packaging machines, and other equipment. Pig food processing machinery processes various raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, wheat bran, fish meal, etc., into pellet or powder feed suitable for pigs. These machinery and equipment are usually capable of customizing the production of feed with different formulations and specifications according to the nutritional needs and growth stages of pigs.

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Characteristics of pig food processing machinery


These machines can process a wide range of raw materials commonly used in pig feed, such as grains, soybean meal, fish meal, and vitamins, allowing for flexibility in feed formulation.


Pig feed processing machinery is designed to operate efficiently, maximizing production output while minimizing energy consumption and labor requirements.


These machines can be adjusted to produce feed pellets or powder of various sizes and formulations, tailored to meet the specific nutritional requirements of pigs at different growth stages.

Consistent Quality

Strict quality control measures are implemented throughout the processing to ensure the consistency and safety of the feed produced.

Ease of Operation

Pig feed processing machinery is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and easy maintenance procedures to facilitate smooth operation.


Many of these machines are equipped with automation features, such as automatic feeding and control systems, to streamline the production process and improve efficiency.


They are built with durable materials and components, ensuring reliable performance and minimizing downtime.


Safety features are incorporated into the design to protect operators and prevent accidents during operation.

Environmental Friendliness

Some pig feed processing machinery may incorporate eco-friendly technologies to minimize environmental impact, such as reducing dust emissions and energy consumption.

Market Competitiveness

By offering high-quality, customized feed products efficiently, pig feed processing machinery helps feed producers remain competitive in the market and meet the demands of pig farming industry.

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The structure of pig food processing machinery

Raw material processing equipment

Including jaw crushers, grinders, etc., used to crush and process raw materials into suitable forms for processing.

Mixing equipment

Such as horizontal mixers, vertical mixers, used to mix different materials in proportion.

Pelletizing equipment

Such as pellet mills, pellet presses, used to convert the mixed raw materials into pellet-shaped feed.

Drying equipment

Including dryers, coolers, used to dry and cool the pelletized feed.

Packaging equipment

Such as packaging machines, sealing machines, used to bag, seal, and package the finished feed.

Conveying equipment

Such as conveyors, elevators, used for the transportation and transfer of raw materials and finished feed.

Control systems

Including automation control systems, sensors, etc., used to monitor and control the entire processing process.

Advantages of pig food processing machinery

Efficient production

These machinery and equipment can produce a large quantity of pig feed quickly and efficiently, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

Customization capability

Pig feed processing machinery can customize feed formulations and specifications according to different requirements, meeting the nutritional needs of various pigs.

Stable quality

Strict quality control measures ensure the stability of pig feed quality, promoting pig growth and health.

Automated production

These machinery and equipment are typically equipped with automation control systems, enabling automated production and reducing labor costs and workload.


Pig feed processing machinery can handle multiple types of raw materials and adjust production processes as needed, increasing production flexibility.


With high production efficiency and low energy consumption, pig feed processing machinery can reduce production costs and improve economic benefits.

Environmental friendliness

Adopting advanced production technologies and equipment, pig feed processing machinery can reduce energy consumption and waste emissions, contributing to environmental protection.

Enhanced market competitiveness

By producing high-quality, customized pig feed, pig feed processing machinery can enhance the market competitiveness of farms, meet market demand, and achieve better economic benefits.

Application of Pig food processing machinery

Typically, the production of Pig food processing machinery uses raw materials such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and other nutrients as the formula. Our Pig food processing machinery are specially used to produce feed for poultry, livestock, pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, goose and other animals.For different animals, with different growth cycles, (chicks, suckling pigs, calves, etc.), the feed pellet size required is different, but our feed production line only needs to replace ring molds with different apertures or use a pellet crumbler to reach the required size.

Feed Production Line

Parameter of Pig food processing machinery

Model Capacity Main Motor Power Feeder Motor Power Conditioner Power Dia. of Ring Die Pellet Size
SZLH250 1-2T/H 22KW 0.75kw 1.5kw 250mm 2-12mm
SZLH320 3-4T/H 37KW 1.5kw 2.2kw 320mm 2-12mm
SZLH350 5-7T/H 55KW 1.5kw 3kw 350mm 2-12mm
SZLH420 8-12T/H 110KW 1.5kw 7.5kw 420mm 2-12mm
SZLH508 10-18T/H 160KW 2.2kw 11kw 508mm 2-12mm
SZLH558 15-25T/H 180KW 2.2kw 11kw 558mm 2-12mm
SZLH678 20-30T/H 220KW 2.2kw 11kw 678mm 2-12mm
SZLH768 25-42T/H 280KW 2.2kw 11kw 768mm 2-12mm
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