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Indonesia 2t/h rabbit feed production line

Project country:Indonesian
Store materials:rabbits feed line
Silo capacity:2t/h rabbit feed line
Installation: Engineers guide the installation on site

Indonesia 2t/h rabbit feed production line Introduction


The rapid development of the livestock industry in Indonesia has driven a growing demand for high-quality feed. To meet this demand, a local company has introduced an advanced 2t/h rabbit feed production line to enhance its production capacity and feed quality.

rabbit feed production line

Project Overview

The 2t/h rabbit feed production line utilizes the latest technology, aiming to achieve efficient and cost-effective feed productions. The introduction of this production line not only increases the output of feed but also ensures the nutritional value and hygiene standards of the feed.

Equipment Import and Installation

A team of engineers transported the 2t/h rabbit feed productions line equipment from China to Indonesia and provided on-site guidance for installation. Throughout installation, engineers meticulously ensured each step met technical specifications, ensuring stable production line operation.

On-Site Guidance and Training

To ensure the smooth operation of the production line, the engineers also provided comprehensive training to local operators. The training covered the operation methods of the equipment, maintenance, and troubleshooting, to improve the professional skills of the operators.

Production Line Commissioning and Optimization

Under the guidance of the engineers, the production line was finely tuned to achieve the best working condition. Through continuous optimization of the 2t/h rabbit feed production line, the company was able to produce higher quality feed that meets market demands.

Results and Prospects

After several months of stable operation, the 2t/h rabbits feed production line has been fully integrated into the company’s production system. The company has not only increased feed production but also significantly improved the competitiveness of its products. Looking forward, the company plans to further expand its production scale to meet the growing market demand.


The successful installation and operation of the 2t/h rabbit feed production line demonstrate the ongoing modernization of Indonesia’s livestock industry. Through the introduction and application of advanced technology, Indonesian companies can bolster their production capabilities, further advancing the development of the country’s livestock sector.

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