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Togo 5t/h chicken feed production line

Project country:Togo
Store materials:Feed production line, grain silo, steel structure factory building
Installation: Engineers guide the installation on site

Togo 5t/h chicken feed production line Introduction

Project Background and Challenge

In Togo, the burgeoning livestock industry has set higher standards for feed processing. In response to market demands, a leading feeds production company decided to introduce an advanced
5t/h chicken feed production line. This initiative aims to enhance production efficiency and ensure feed quality.

Togo 5t/h chicken feed production line

Solution: Introduction of Cutting-Edge Technology

The company opted for an innovative 5t/h chicken feed production line, including grain silos and a steel structure factory building, to achieve large-scale production. This production line uses cutting-edge technology to ensure stable production of 5 tons of high-quality poultry feed per hour.

On-Site Installation and Engineer Support

To ensure the smooth installation and operation of the production line, the company invited a team of experienced engineers for on-site guidance. The engineers supervised the installation process and offered comprehensive training to the operators. This ensured that the operators were proficient in operating and maintaining the production line.

Results and Benefits

After the completion of the installation, the 5t/h chicken feed production lines demonstrated exceptional performance. The precise management of formulas not only enhances production capacity but also guarantees the nutritional value and uniformity of the feed. This results in improved growth rates and overall health levels of poultry.


This project case in Togo proves that by introducing a 5t/h chicken feed production line, combined with on-site installation guidance from professional engineers, the competitiveness of feed production enterprises can be significantly enhanced. This successful practice provides valuable experience and insights for the industry.

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