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What do animal feed production line include

An animal feed production line is a comprehensive system that automates feed manufacturing from raw material treatment to final packaging. It includes diverse, efficient machines like crushers, mixers, and pellet mills, along with storage, cleaning, and conveying equipment for high-quality, nutritionally balanced animal feed production. For animal feed production needs, contact us.

An animal feed production line is an industrial equipment system specifically designed for manufacturing animal feed.

What is an Animal Feed Production Line

An animal feed production line is a comprehensive industrial system. It aims to create nutritionally balanced feed for various animals. This line automates the entire process. It integrates various equipment to handle raw material processing to finished product packaging.

Completeness of the Line

The animal feed production line is a complete production line that covers every step from preliminary raw material treatment to the packaging of the final product, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of the production process.

Diverse Animal Feed Production

The production line is capable of producing feed for multiple animals, including pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, and chickens, meeting different breeding needs and providing users with a wide range of feed options.

animal feed production line                                            animal feed production line

Efficient Individual Machines

The animal feed production line offers a series of high-quality individual feed machines, including crushers, mixers, pellet mills, coolers, and feed packaging machines. These machines are manufactured using advanced technology, ensuring the quality of feed production.

Composition and Function of an Animal Feed Production Line

An animal feed production line is a complex production system composed of multiple key equipment, each with its unique role and importance.

Raw Material Reception and Storage Equipment

Raw material reception and storage equipment mark the starting point of the entire production line. They are responsible for receiving raw materials such as corn, wheat bran, and fish meal, and storing them under appropriate conditions to maintain freshness and nutrition. These devices typically include large storage bins or silos, equipped with a conveying system for easy material handling.

Cleaning Equipment

The role of cleaning equipment is to remove impurities that may be present in the raw materials, such as straw, stones, and metal. This step is crucial for ensuring feed quality and animal health. The cleaning process usually includes screening, magnetic separation, and dust removal to ensure that no harmful foreign objects are present in the final product.


Crushing machines are used to crush raw materials such as grains and legumes into fine particles. This process not only helps to improve the digestibility of the feed but also increases the surface area of the raw materials, thereby enhancing the uniformity of the subsequent mixing process. The design of crushers usually takes into account the characteristics of different raw materials to meet various crushing needs.


Mixers are used to blend different types and proportions of raw materials into a uniform mixture. This step is essential for ensuring a balanced nutritional content in the feed. Mixer designs are diverse, including twin-shaft paddle mixers and vacuum mixers, to meet different mixing requirements.

animal feed production line                                                animal feed production line

Conveying Equipment

Conveying equipment actively connects different stages of a production line. It is responsible for transporting raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. Common types of conveying equipment include screw conveyors, belt conveyors, and bucket elevators. These can adapt to various material characteristics and production line layouts.

Pellet Mills

Pellet mills press the mixed powdery materials into pellet form, facilitating animal feeding and digestion. Pelleting not only improves the appearance and flowability of the feed but also reduces animal selective feeding behavior, enhancing the utilization rate of the feed. The working principle of pellet mills includes extrusion and roller forming, which can be customized for different animal diets with varying pellet shapes and sizes.

These pieces of equipment together form a complete animal feed production line, ensuring the quality of the feed products and the continuity of production through precise coordination and efficient operation.

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