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What is the application of horizontal ring die pellet machine

The horizontal ring die pellet machine is valued for its efficient and stable performance in various feed processing applications, including poultry, aquaculture, pet feed, biomass energy, organic fertilizer, and the food industry. It ensures balanced nutrition, improves feed intake, offers customization options, and contributes to waste utilization and environmental sustainability.

The horizontal ring die pellet machine is a device extensively used in the feed processing industry, welcomed by the market for its efficient pelletizing capability and stable product quality. This article will explore in detail the applications of the pellet machine, revealing its practical uses and advantages across various fields.

Poultry Feed Production

The pellet machine plays a significant role in poultry feed production. It can press various raw materials such as corn and soybean meal into pellets, enhancing the nutritional value of feed and the feed intake rate of poultry.

Balanced Nutrition

The machine uniformly mixes raw materials with different nutritional components, ensuring poultry receive balanced nutrition.

horizontal ring die pellet machine                                       horizontal ring die pellet machine

Improved Feed Intake

The form and hardness of pellet feed are suitable for poultry’s feeding habits, helping to increase feed intake and digestion and absorption.

Aquaculture Feed Processing

In the field of aquaculture feed processing, the horizontal ring die pellet machine also plays a crucial role. It can produce pellets suitable for fish and other aquatic animals to consume.

Water Stability

By adjusting the density and hardness of pellets, the machine can produce feed with good water stability, reducing dissolution and loss in water.

Customizable Shape

According to the feeding characteristics of different aquatic animals, the shape and size of pellets can be customized to improve feed utilization.

Pet Feed Manufacturing

The pellet machine is widely used in pet feed manufacturing, suitable for producing pellets for pets such as dogs and cats.


Pellet feed has good palatability, which can stimulate pets’ appetite and increase their acceptance of feed.

Nutritional Customization

Nutritional formulas can be customized according to the breed, age, and health status of pets to produce specialized pellet feed.

Biomass Energy Production

The horizontal ring die pellet machine also demonstrates its unique application value in biomass energy production. It can transform agricultural waste, sawdust, and other biomass materials into pellet fuel.

Energy Utilization

Transforming biomass materials like agricultural waste into pellet fuel realizes energy utilization and reduces environmental pollution.

Combustion Efficiency

Biomass pellet fuel has high combustion efficiency and calorific value, making it a renewable and clean energy source.


Organic Fertilizer Processing

In the field of organic fertilizer processing, the horizontal ring die pellet machine can turn livestock manure, crop straw, and other organic waste into granular fertilizer.

Waste Utilization

Transforming organic waste into organic fertilizer realizes the recycling of resources.

Soil Improvement

Granular organic fertilizer helps improve soil structure, increase soil fertility, and promote crop growth.

Food Industry Applications

The pellet machine also has specific applications in the food industry, such as processing food processing residues into pellets for animal feed or other industrial uses.

Byproduct Utilization

Byproducts generated during food processing, such as bean dregs and distiller’s grains, can be made into pellets by the horizontal ring die pellet machine, improving resource utilization efficiency.

Customized Production

According to different industrial demands, the horizontal ring die pellet machine can adjust parameters to produce granular products that meet specific requirements.

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