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What is the structure of feed pellet from grass machine

The feed pellet from grass machine optimizes grass feed processing, with a focus on structural components like the frame, feeding system, and pelletizing system. It ensures efficiency and quality in animal feed and biomass energy production.

The feed pellet from grass machine is specialized equipment for processing grass feed into pellet form, widely used in animal husbandry and biomass energy sectors. Its structural design directly affects pelletizing efficiency and pellet quality. This article will provide a detailed analysis of the structure of feed pellet from grass machines, exploring their core components and functions.


The frame is the skeleton of the feed pellet from grass machine, supporting the entire equipment and ensuring its stability and durability. The frame is typically made of high-strength steel, assembled by welding or bolt connections.

feed pellet from grass machine                                                feed pellet from grass machine


Bears all forces generated during equipment operation, including gravity, vibration, and pressure.

Provides a mounting platform for other components such as motors, transmission systems, and pelletizing chambers.

Protects internal parts from environmental influences like moisture and dust.

Feeding System

The feeding system is the entry point of the pellet machine, responsible for conveying grass feed materials into the machine interior. It usually includes a feed hopper, a control gate, and a conveyor belt.


Feed hopper: Stores a certain amount of grass feed to ensure continuous feeding.

Control gate: Regulates the flow of grass feed and adjusts the feeding speed according to production needs.

Conveyor belt: Transports grass feed from the hopper to the crusher, ensuring even distribution of raw materials.

Crushing System

The crushing system reduces grass feed to a size suitable for pelletizing, one of the key components of the pellet machine. It typically includes a crusher and a fan.


Crusher: Uses hammer or blade design to break grass feed into small particles.

Fan: Conveys crushed grass feed to the pelletizing system and helps remove light impurities.

Pelletizing System

The pelletizing system is the core part of the feed pellet from grass machine, compressing crushed grass feed into pellets. The pelletizing system includes a die, rollers, and a cutter.


Die: A ring die with specific hole diameters and shapes used to form pellets.

Rollers: Work in conjunction with the die to apply pressure to the grass feed, encouraging it to form pellets through the die holes.

Cutter: Located below the pelletizing chamber, cuts the formed long pellets into the desired length.

Transmission System

The transmission system is responsible for conveying the power from the motor to various working components, such as crushers, dies, and rollers.


Motor: Provides the power needed for equipment operation.

Reducer: Reduces the high-speed rotation of the motor to the low-speed rotation required by the working components.

Belts or gears: Transmit power to various components, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the equipment.

Cooling System

The cooling system is used to reduce the temperature of hot pellets after pelletizing to maintain pellet hardness and quality.

feed pellet from grass machine                                             feed pellet from grass machine


Cooler: Reduces pellet temperature through heat exchange, typically using air or water cooling methods.

Conveying device: Evenly distributes pellets in the cooler, improving cooling efficiency.

Screening System

The screening system is located after the cooling system and is used to classify cooled pellets by size.


Screener: Separates pellets of different sizes through a mesh, ensuring uniform pellet size.

Collection device: Collects standard pellets and screened powder for subsequent processing or packaging.

Automatic Control System

The automatic control system is the brain of the feed pellet from grass machine, responsible for monitoring and controlling the entire production process.


Control panel: Integrates various control buttons and displays, allowing operators to control equipment operation.

Sensors: Monitor equipment operation in real-time, such as temperature, pressure, and pellet moisture.

Actuators: Automatically adjust equipment operation parameters according to control panel instructions, such as feeding speed and die gap.

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