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What is the structure of hydraulic ring die pellet machine

The hydraulic ring die pellet machine is vital for feed processing in animal husbandry, featuring a hydraulic system for pressure provision, a ring die assembly for molding, and an automatic control system for process regulation. It ensures efficient operation and product quality through components like the hydraulic pump station, press roller, feeding system, transmission system, cooling system, and screening system.

The hydraulic ring die pellet machine is a high-efficiency feed processing equipment widely used in animal husbandry. Its structural design plays a crucial role in ensuring the stable operation of the equipment, improving production efficiency, and product quality. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the structure of the hydraulic ring die pellet machine, helping us to deeply understand the structural features of this device.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of the pellet machine is the power source of the entire device, responsible for providing the required pressure and power.

Hydraulic Pump Station

As the core of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump station is responsible for converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, providing pressure oil for the system.

hydraulic ring die pellet machine                                                 hydraulic ring die pellet machine

Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder pushes the ring die of the pellet machine to work through the pressure of hydraulic oil, achieving the compression and molding of materials.

Control Valve

The control valve is used to control the flow and pressure of hydraulic oil, ensuring the stable operation of the hydraulic system.

Ring Die Assembly

The ring die assembly is a key part of the hydraulic ring die pellet machine, directly affecting the molding effect and quality of the pellets.

Ring Die

The ring die is a circular ring with specific hole diameters and shapes, where materials are compressed and molded inside the ring die.

Press Roller

The press roller works closely with the ring die, squeezing materials through the ring die holes to form pellets by the pressure provided by the hydraulic system.

Adjustment Mechanism

The adjustment mechanism can adjust the gap between the press roller and the ring die to control the density and shape of the pellets.

Feeding System

The feeding system is responsible for evenly and continuously feeding raw materials into the ring die assembly, ensuring the stability of the pelletizing process.


The feeder is usually composed of a spiral or belt conveyor, capable of evenly feeding materials into the pelletizing area.


The hopper is used for storing and preliminarily distributing raw materials, ensuring the continuous operation of the feeder.

Transmission System

The transmission system is responsible for conveying the power from the motor to the ring die assembly, driving its rotation.


The motor is the power source of the transmission system, providing stable power output.


The reducer is used to reduce the high-speed rotation of the motor, converting it into the low-speed high-torque required by the ring die assembly.


The coupling connects the motor and the reducer, ensuring smooth power transmission.

Cooling System

The cooling system is used to reduce the heat generated during the pelletizing process, ensuring the quality and stability of the pellets.

Cooling Fan

The cooling fan reduces the temperature of the pellets by blowing cold air, preventing agglomeration.

Cooling Conveyor Belt

The cooling conveyor belt transports hot pellets to the cooling area, extending the cooling time.

Screening System

The screening system is used to classify the made pellets by size, ensuring the uniformity of the pellets.


The screener separates pellets of different sizes through a mesh, ensuring product quality.

Collection Device

The collection device is used to collect pellets that meet the standards and return substandard pellets for remolding.

hydraulic ring die pellet machine                                                   hydraulic ring die pellet machine

Automatic Control System

The automatic control system is the brain of the hydraulic ring die pellet machine, responsible for monitoring and adjusting the entire production process.

Control Panel

The control panel integrates various control buttons and displays, through which operators can control the operation of the equipment.


Sensors are used to monitor key parameters of the equipment in real-time, such as temperature, pressure, and pellet moisture.


Actuators automatically adjust the working status of the equipment according to the instructions from the control panel, such as start, stop, and speed adjustment.

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