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What is the structure of poultry feed pelletizer

The poultry feed pelletizer’s structure is pivotal for efficient feed production, comprising key systems like raw material conveying, conditioning, pelletizing, cooling, screening, and control. It ensures feed quality and process stability through precise conditioning, effective pellet formation, cooling techniques, size uniformity in screening, and automated control systems.

The poultry feed pelletizer is an indispensable piece of equipment in feed production, where the scientific and rational design of its structure directly affects the quality of feed and production efficiency. This article will delve into the structure of feed pelletizer, providing a detailed analysis of their main components and functions.

Overview of the Structure of Poultry Feed Pelletizer

The structure of feed pelletizer is designed to achieve efficient and stable feed pellet production. The entire equipment typically consists of the following key parts: raw material conveying system, conditioning system, pelletizing system, cooling system, screening system, and control system.

Raw Material Conveying System

Responsible for evenly and continuously conveying raw materials into the conditioner, ensuring the subsequent pelletizing process.

structure of poultry feed pelletizer                                            structure of poultry feed pelletizer

Conditioning System

Heated and moistened raw materials with steam or hot water to enhance their plasticity for easy molding.

Conditioning System Structure

The conditioning system is a crucial part of the poultry feed pelletizer, directly affecting the quality of pellet formation and production efficiency.

Heating Methods

The conditioning system heats raw materials with steam or electric heating elements to meet the conditioning needs of different raw materials.

Humidity Control

Precisely controls the humidity of raw materials to ensure good molding performance during the pelletizing process.

Pelletizing System Structure

The pelletizing system is the core part of the structure of poultry feed pelletizer responsible for pressing conditioned raw materials into the required pellet shape.

Dies and Rollers

Dies and rollers work together to extrude raw materials through the holes in the die, forming pellets.

Drive System

Provides powerful power to dies and rollers, ensuring an efficient pelletizing process.

Cooling System Structure

The cooling system plays an important role in the structure of poultry feed pelletizer responsible for cooling the freshly made hot pellets to improve their hardness and stability.

Cooling Methods

Uses air or water cooling to rapidly reduce the temperature of pellets.

Conveying Devices

Evenly distribute pellets in the cooler to enhance cooling efficiency.

Screening System Structure

The screening system is an indispensable part of the poultry feed pelletizer ensuring the uniformity of pellet size and product quality.


Separates pellets of different sizes through a mesh, removing substandard pellets.

Collection System

Collects pellets that meet size requirements and returns out-of-specification pellets to the pelletizing system for reprocessing.

structure of poultry feed pelletizer                                     

Control System Structure

The control system is the brain of the structure of poultry feed pelletizer responsible for monitoring and automatically adjusting the entire production process.

Operation Interface

Provides an intuitive operation interface, allowing operators to easily control and adjust production parameters.

Sensors and Actuators

Monitor the production status in real-time and automatically adjust equipment operation through actuators to ensure the stability of the production process.

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