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diesel feed pellet machine


diesel feed pellet machine is a type of feed processing equipment that utilizes diesel as its power source, typically driven by an internal combustion engine

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diesel feed pellet machine Introduction

A diesel feed pellet machine is a type of feed processing equipment that utilizes diesel as its power source, typically driven by an internal combustion engine. This type of pellet machine is capable of processing various raw materials into pelletized feed and is suitable for farms of different scales and feed processing plants. Diesel feed pellet machines may be more common in certain regions or circumstances than electric pellet machines, particularly in areas with unstable or inaccessible electricity supply and outdoor environments.

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Characteristics of diesel feed pellet machine

Power Source

Diesel engines are used as the power source, allowing the machine to operate independently of electrical power supply, making it suitable for areas without stable electricity.(Similar news:What Is The Advantage Of Diesel Feed Pellet Machine>>)


Diesel pellet mills are often compact and lightweight, facilitating easy movement and transportation, and are suitable for various working environments.

Ease of Operation

Despite using diesel power, many models maintain a user-friendly interface, making operation and maintenance relatively straightforward.


Diesel pellet machines provide stable production efficiency, with some models capable of producing 300-400KG/H of feed per hour.

Structural Design

The machines are designed with a scientific and rational structure, being simple, space-saving, and quiet, suitable for various scales of breeding farms.

Molding Effectiveness

High pellet formation rate, resulting in pellets with high hardness and smooth surface, which are beneficial for storage and transportation.


Equipped with various hole diameter molds, suitable for pelletizing different materials to achieve good results and ensure pressing effects.

Safety and Reliability

Simple to operate and maintain, safe and reliable, with a robust, cast-iron body structure for a long service life.

No Additional Energy Required

During the granulation process, there is no need to add water or dry the feed, as a natural temperature increase to around 70 degrees Celsius can gelatinize starch, and various additives and medications can be added when the temperature reaches around 70 degrees Celsius.

Economical and Practical

Diesel pellet machines provide an economical and practical feed processing solution for remote areas or farms with insufficient electrical resources.

Wide Applicability

Suitable for a variety of livestock and poultry, including poultry, fish, and large and medium-sized livestock, helping to reduce breeding costs and improve economic efficiency.

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Diesel feed pellet machine structure

Diesel Engine

Acts as the power source, providing the necessary power for the pellet mill.

Main Shaft

One of the core components, it connects to the diesel engine and transmits power to other working parts.

Press Rolls

Work in conjunction with the die to form pellets by applying pressure to the raw materials.

Dies (Flat or Ring Dies)

Serve as the molds that shape the raw materials into the desired pellet form under the pressure between the press rolls and the die.


Responsible for evenly feeding the raw materials into the pelletizing area.


Present in some models, used to adjust the moisture and temperature of the raw materials to optimize the pelletizing effect.

Lubrication System

Ensures that all moving parts of the machine are properly lubricated to reduce wear.

Cooling System

Used to cool down the freshly made hot pellets for easier storage and packaging.

Control System

Includes various meters, switches, and control devices used to monitor and control the operating conditions of the machine.

Conveying Device

Transports the finished pellets out of the machine, typically consisting of a conveyor belt or a screw conveyor.

Safety Guard

Ensures the safety of the operators by preventing accidental contact with moving parts.


Supports the entire structure of the machine, ensuring its stability.

Electrical System

Although the power comes from a diesel engine, the electrical part is used to control the motor and other electronic devices.

Screening Device

Used to screen the finished pellets to ensure uniform pellet size.

Characteristics of diesel feed pellet machine


Diesel feed pellet machines are often more portable than their electric counterparts, as they are not dependent on access to electricity. This makes them suitable for use in remote or outdoor locations where electricity may not be available.


They can be used in various environments and conditions, making them suitable for different types of farms and feed processing facilities.


Diesel engines are known for their durability and reliability, offering consistent performance even in challenging conditions.


Since diesel feed pellet machines do not rely on electricity, they are not affected by power outages or fluctuations in electrical supply, ensuring continuous operation.


Diesel engines are often more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, resulting in lower operating costs over time.


Diesel engines typically provide higher torque and power output compared to electric motors, allowing for efficient pellet production even with tough or dense feed materials.

Classification of feed pellet machines

Feed pellet machines can be grouped according to different classification criteria, with the main categories including:

Classification by power source:

Electric feed pellet machine: Operates using an electric drive system.

Diesel feed pellet machine: Utilizes an internal combustion engine as the power source.

Gasoline feed pellet machine: Employs an internal combustion engine as the power source.

Classification by structure

Flat die feed pellet machine: The press mold is flat.

Ring die feed pellet machine: The press mold is ring-shaped.

Classification by purpose:

household feed pellet machine: Used for household farming or small-scale breeding operations.

Industrial feed pellet machine: Employed in large-scale commercial breeding operations or feed processing plants.

Classification by production capacity:

Small-scale feed pellet machine: Lower production capacity, suitable for small-scale breeding operations.

Large-scale feed pellet machine: Higher production capacity, suitable for large-scale breeding operations or feed production plants.

Parameter of diesel feed pellet machine

Model Capacity Main Motor Power Feeder Motor Power Conditioner Power Dia. of Ring Die Pellet Size
SZLH250 1-2T/H 22KW 0.75kw 1.5kw 250mm 2-12mm
SZLH320 3-4T/H 37KW 1.5kw 2.2kw 320mm 2-12mm
SZLH350 5-7T/H 55KW 1.5kw 3kw 350mm 2-12mm
SZLH420 8-12T/H 110KW 1.5kw 7.5kw 420mm 2-12mm
SZLH508 10-18T/H 160KW 2.2kw 11kw 508mm 2-12mm
SZLH558 15-25T/H 180KW 2.2kw 11kw 558mm 2-12mm
SZLH678 20-30T/H 220KW 2.2kw 11kw 678mm 2-12mm
SZLH768 25-42T/H 280KW 2.2kw 11kw 768mm 2-12mm
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