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Benin 5t/h feed pellet production line

Project country:Benin
Store materials:feed pellet production line
Silo capacity:5t/h
Installation: Engineers guide the installation on site

Benin 5t/h feed pellet production line Introduction

Project Country: Benin
Produce materials: feed pellet production line
Capacity: 5t/h
Installation: Engineers guide the installation on site

Project Background

In the West African nation of Benin, a leading agricultural enterprise, aiming to meet the growing demand for livestock feed, decided to invest in a 5t/h cattle feed production line. The introduction of this production line holds significant importance for the development of the local animal husbandry industry. It greatly enhances the efficiency and quality of feed processing.

Preparation Phase

The engineering team conducted an in-depth market research in Benin’s agricultural sector and communicated with the farm owners to understand their specific needs before the project launch. Based on the research findings, the engineers designed a 5t/h cattle feed production line that aligns with local production conditions and the characteristics of feed raw materials.

On-site Installation

Upon arrival in Benin, the engineers began the installation of the production line. They first assessed the farm’s infrastructure to ensure the smooth integration of the new production line. Subsequently, the engineers personally guided the local workers through the equipment installation. This included key components such as the raw material storage system, hammer mill, mixer, pelletizer, cooling system, and packaging system.

Technical Training and Guidance

During installation, the engineers provided comprehensive technical training to the farm’s operators. This ensured their proficiency in operating the 5t/h cattle feed production line and mastering routine maintenance skills.

Successful Trial Run

After several days of intense work, the 5t/h cattle feed production line was installed and successfully completed its first trial run. The engineers carefully checked the production line’s operation to ensure it met design requirements.

Project Outcome

The commissioning of the new production line significantly increased the farm’s feed production capacity and reduced production costs. Additionally, it provided more employment opportunities locally.The farm owner highly praised the high efficiency of the 5t/h cattle feed production line. They also commended the professional guidance provided by the engineers.

Long-term Impact

The successful installation and operation of the 5t/h cattle feed production line have contributed significantly to the modernization of agriculture in Benin. Additionally, it has offered valuable experience for the upgrading of the agricultural industry in the region. With the stable operation of the production line, it is anticipated to promote the development of the livestock industry in Benin. Additionally, it is expected to have a positive impact on the entire West African region.

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