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An animal feed making machine is a series of mechanical equipment used to produce animal feed. These machines process various feed ingredients

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animal feed making machine Introduction

An animal feed making machine is a series of mechanical equipment used to produce animal feed. These machines process various feed ingredients (such as grains, soybean meal, grass powder, additives, etc.) according to different types of animals and growth stages, including grinding, mixing, pelleting, etc., to produce feed products suitable for animal consumption. The primary purpose of an animal feed making machine is to improve the nutritional value of feed, enhance feed digestibility, reduce losses during storage and transportation, and ensure animals receive a balanced diet.

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Features of animal feed making machine

Diverse raw material processing capability

The machine is capable of handling various feed ingredients such as grains, soybean meal, grass powder, etc.

Improved feed utilization

Mechanical processing enhances feed utilization while saving labor costs.

Modular structure and functionality

The equipment adopts modular design, allowing customization and expansion according to production processes and requirements.

Automation and intelligence

Modern feed manufacturing machines trend towards automation and intelligence, reducing manual intervention and enhancing production efficiency.

Enhanced nutrient digestibility

Through processes like pelleting, feed physical form is improved, aiding animal digestion and absorption.

Improved feed preservation

Pelleting and cooling processes increase pellet hardness, preventing mold formation and facilitating storage and transportation.

Tailored to different animal and growth stage requirements

Formulations can be adjusted based on various animal species and growth stages to produce corresponding feeds.


Some modern feed manufacturing machines utilize technologies like direct-drive, reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.

Ease of operation and maintenance

User experience is prioritized in design, simplifying operation procedures for user convenience in daily use and maintenance.

Adaptability to different production scales

Equipment comes in various models and sizes to meet the needs of different operations, from small farms to large industrial production.

Safety and environmental friendliness

Considerations for machine safety and environmental impact are integrated into design and manufacturing, reducing risks to operators and environmental pollution.

Integrated production processes

From raw material reception, grinding, mixing, pelleting to packaging, it forms a complete integrated production process.

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Structure of animal feed making machine

Feeding System

Including feeders and feed screws, responsible for uniformly conveying raw materials into the machine.

Grinding System

Comprised of grinders or mills, used to reduce large particles of feedstock into smaller particles for subsequent mixing and pelletizing.

Mixing System

Includes mixers or blenders, used to evenly mix different types of raw materials to ensure a balanced nutritional content in the feed.

Pelletizing System

Mainly composed of pellet mills or granulators, which compact mixed feed materials into a pellet form, increasing the density and hardness of the feed for easier storage and feeding.

Cooling System

The pelletized feed must be cooled by a cooler to reduce moisture content, ensuring the hardness and stability of the pellets.

Screening System

Used to grade the manufactured pellet feed by size to ensure product quality.

Packaging System

Includes automatic packaging machines that weigh and package the produced pellet feed for easy transportation and sale.

Conveying System

Includes various conveyor belts and elevators responsible for the transportation of raw materials and finished products.

Advantages of Animal Feed Making Machine

Enhanced Nutritional Value

They ensure a balanced diet for animals through precise formulation and mixing.

Improved Digestibility

The pelletizing process increases the density of the feed, which can improve the retention time in the animal’s digestive system and thus enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Reduced Feed Waste

Pelleting reduces the tendency of animals to be selective about their feed, decreasing waste.

Ease of Storage and Transportation

The uniformity and density of pelleted feed make it more suitable for long-term storage and long-distance transportation.

Operational Automation

Modern feed manufacturing machines are often equipped with automated control systems, reducing the need for manual operation and increasing production efficiency.


They are suitable for various scales of production, from small farms to large industrial operations.

Labor Saving

Automated production lines reduce reliance on manual labor, significantly cutting labor costs.

Flexibility and Adjustability

The feed formula and production process can be adjusted according to different animal species and growth stages.

Improved Palatability

The pelletizing process can enhance the taste of the feed by adding flavorings or aromatics.

Increased Production Efficiency

Batch production reduces production time and costs, improving overall efficiency.

Hygiene and Safety

Machine-based production reduces direct human contact with feed, lowering the risk of contamination and ensuring the safety and hygiene of the feed.

Reduced Production Costs

Economies of scale and waste reduction lower the per-unit cost of feed production.

Application of Animal Feed Making Machine

Typically, the production of animal feed making machine uses raw materials such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and other nutrients as the formula. Our animal feed making machine are specially used to produce feed for poultry, livestock, pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, goose and other animals.For different animals, with different growth cycles, (chicks, suckling pigs, calves, etc.), the feed pellet size required is different, but our feed production line only needs to replace ring molds with different apertures or use a pellet crumbler to reach the required size.

Feed Production Line

Parameter of animal feed pellet machine

Model Capacity Main Motor Power Feeder Motor Power Conditioner Power Dia. of Ring Die Pellet Size
SZLH250 1-2T/H 22KW 0.75kw 1.5kw 250mm 2-12mm
SZLH320 3-4T/H 37KW 1.5kw 2.2kw 320mm 2-12mm
SZLH350 5-7T/H 55KW 1.5kw 3kw 350mm 2-12mm
SZLH420 8-12T/H 110KW 1.5kw 7.5kw 420mm 2-12mm
SZLH508 10-18T/H 160KW 2.2kw 11kw 508mm 2-12mm
SZLH558 15-25T/H 180KW 2.2kw 11kw 558mm 2-12mm
SZLH678 20-30T/H 220KW 2.2kw 11kw 678mm 2-12mm
SZLH768 25-42T/H 280KW 2.2kw 11kw 768mm 2-12mm
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