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A duck feed making machine is a device used for producing duck feed. This machine typically mixes and blends various ingredients such as corn

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duck feed making machine Introduction

A duck feed making machine is a device used for producing duck feed. This machine typically mixes and blends various ingredients such as corn, soybean, bran, fish meal, etc., according to a specific formula and proportion. Then, it processes them into suitable feed pellets for ducks through processes like extrusion, pelleting, or pressing. These feed pellets are characterized by balanced nutrition, easy digestion and absorption, meeting the nutritional needs for the growth and development of ducks. The duck feed making machine plays a crucial role in the duck farming industry, enhancing feed utilization efficiency and promoting the healthy growth of ducks.

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Features of duck feed making machine

Automated Production

These machines typically feature automated production processes, allowing continuous blending, processing, and shaping of raw materials to enhance production efficiency.


Duck feed manufacturing machines are adaptable to produce different types and specifications of duck feed, offering flexibility and diversity.

Precision Ingredient Mixing

With precise ingredient systems, these machines ensure that each batch of feed meets specific nutritional requirements and formulae.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Designed to be energy-efficient, these machines reduce energy consumption during production, improving cost-effectiveness.

User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance

Duck feed manufacturing machines are typically designed for simplicity in operation and maintenance, reducing technical requirements for operators and maintenance costs.

High-Quality Feed Output

Through scientific processing techniques, these machines produce feed of consistent quality, rich in nutrients and easily digestible, promoting healthy duck growth.

Safety and Reliability

Equipped with safety protection devices, these machines ensure safe and reliable production processes, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Some duck feed manufacturing machines feature environmentally friendly designs, reducing waste generation and environmental impact, in line with sustainability requirements.

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Structure of duck feed making machine

Feeding System

This system is used to convey raw materials into the machine and typically includes conveyors, screw conveyors, or other types of feeding devices.

Crushing System

If the raw materials need to be crushed or broken, the duck feed manufacturing machine may be equipped with crushing equipment such as jaw crushers or hammer crushers.

Mixing System

This system is used to blend different components of raw materials and add necessary nutrients. It may include mixers or agitators.

Pelleting System

This system molds the mixed feed materials into pelletized form, typically through pellet mills or extruders.

Drying System

After pelleting, the feed pellets are dried to remove excess moisture, usually achieved through dryers or drying machines.

Cooling System

This system cools the dried feed pellets to a suitable temperature for packaging and storage. It often includes coolers or air cooling machines.

Packaging System

This system packages the finished feed into appropriate packaging forms, which may include packaging machines, weighers, sealers, and other equipment.

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Advantages of duck feed making machine

Improved Feed Quality

Through scientific ingredient formulation and processing techniques, duck feed manufacturing machines can produce feed of consistent quality and rich nutrition, promoting healthy duck growth.

Increased Production Efficiency

Automated production processes and efficient processing equipment significantly enhance feed production efficiency, saving labor and time costs.

Cost Reduction

Optimized production processes, energy-efficient designs, and effective raw material utilization reduce feed production costs, improving economic benefits.

Flexibility and Variety

Duck feed manufacturing machines are typically designed to be flexible, allowing adjustment of formulas and specifications to meet diverse market demands.

Enhanced Feed Utilization

Precise ingredient systems and optimized processing techniques increase feed utilization, reducing waste and saving costs.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Duck feed manufacturing machines are usually designed to be simple to operate and maintain, reducing the technical requirements for operators and maintenance costs.

Improved Product Quality Consistency

Automated production processes ensure consistent feed quality across each batch, reducing the possibility of product quality fluctuations.

Environmental Compliance

Some duck feed manufacturing machines adopt environmentally friendly designs, reducing pollution and resource waste, aligning with sustainable development requirements.

Application of duck feed making machine

Typically, the production of duck feed making machine uses raw materials such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and other nutrients as the formula. Our duck feed making machine are specially used to produce feed for poultry, livestock, pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, goose and other animals.For different animals, with different growth cycles, (chicks, suckling pigs, calves, etc.), the feed pellet size required is different, but our feed production line only needs to replace ring molds with different apertures or use a pellet crumbler to reach the required size.

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Parameter of duck feed making machine

Model Capacity Main Motor Power Feeder Motor Power Conditioner Power Dia. of Ring Die Pellet Size
SZLH250 1-2T/H 22KW 0.75kw 1.5kw 250mm 2-12mm
SZLH320 3-4T/H 37KW 1.5kw 2.2kw 320mm 2-12mm
SZLH350 5-7T/H 55KW 1.5kw 3kw 350mm 2-12mm
SZLH420 8-12T/H 110KW 1.5kw 7.5kw 420mm 2-12mm
SZLH508 10-18T/H 160KW 2.2kw 11kw 508mm 2-12mm
SZLH558 15-25T/H 180KW 2.2kw 11kw 558mm 2-12mm
SZLH678 20-30T/H 220KW 2.2kw 11kw 678mm 2-12mm
SZLH768 25-42T/H 280KW 2.2kw 11kw 768mm 2-12mm
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